Investment For Development


Investment For Development


Investment For Development

We invest in companies and partner with brands to leverage potential, create opportunity and maximise value for all the stakeholders.

Diverse Investments

We have investments and businesses in almost every industry that impacts everyday life. We judge potential on its own merits and leveraging opportunity wherever it might be.

Proven to make Potential

Dallah Albaraka is a smart organisation tapping into potential and opportunity to maximise return on investment. We have a half-century track record of making possibility real. Our businesses generate not only financial returns; they transform landscapes, put whole industries in motion, nurture talent and ultimately create foundations for better futures.

Investors in the Future

Dallah Albaraka is investing in its future legacy. We are an organisation invested in long-term improvement and positive change in every market we operate in. Thanks to our extensive credentials and achievements, we can speak more convincingly than most on the value of this mindset and approach to business.

100+ Companies

Across a wide spectrum of business sectors

Business in 43 Countries

Across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas

60,000+ employees

Recruited over 50 years of operation


Dallah Albaraka Group has been ranked 5th in the top 100 Saudi companies for the last ten years in terms of business volume and size of investments


We at Dallah Albaraka are proud of our business partners who believed in our capabilities, commitment, and results. We ensure delivering long-term success for our partners and investors through our hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.