National Day Initiatives

In line with the inspiring vision of our wise leadership, Dallah Albaraka celebrates the 91st National Day in a different way, by launching the “Geniuses of the Future” and “Green Saudi” initiatives under the umbrella of #For_Our_Future campaign, which aims to translate the celebrations of the Saudi National Day into projects that contribute to achieving future ambitions, for our beloved country, and its youth.

1. “Geniuses of the Future” Initiative

His Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, once stated that: “All the elements of success are available for creating something significant within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the most important element we have is the Saudi people.” Based on this unique vision and belief, Dallah Al-Baraka, in cooperation with Saleh Abdullah Kamel Humanitarian Foundation, is launching the “Geniuses of the Future” initiative, which affirms that the people of our country are indeed its true wealth. Thus, investing in their future careers, talents, ambition, and potential is certainly the greatest contribution to the country’s future. Such investment focuses on empowering them, through guiding and embracing their academic pursuits at the most prestigious international universities.

Objectives of the Initiative:

– Empower and enable the talented sons and daughters of the country to unleash of their fullest potential.
– Groom competent talented Saudi youth following high international standards, to effectively contribute to the country’s renaissance, and help achieving its vision’s goals and objectives.
– Inspire the sons and daughters of our country, encourage and motivate them to raise the bar of ambitions and aim for the greatest scientific achievements.
– Accentuate the capabilities, determination, ambition, passion and brilliance of Saudi geniuses, which makes them a source of pride for the entire country and the world.

Implementation Mechanisms of the Initiative:

– Identify the initial target segment from which talented and high potential secondary school and university students will be selected from all regions of the Kingdom.
– Select thirty-six male and female students for the initiative, through a profound assessment and selection process, which includes evaluating academic performance and achievement, and gauging mental, psychological and social abilities and skills.
– Continuously coordinate with authorities and institutions in charge of the realization of the projects, programs, and objectives of Vision 2030 to design the optimal academic path for each of the selected geniuses.
– Train and prepare the selected students to be eligible and ready to join the chosen specializations at the most prestigious academic institutions and international universities.
– Enroll the selected students at the academic programs and institutions that best fit their talents and abilities, follow up their overall academic progress and performance, and provide them with the coaching and support required for attaining best results and achievements, so that they return and serve the country at various modern disciplines and leadership positions.
– Support the returning geniuses and guide them professionally to engage in the Saudi market, in a way that harnesses their abilities, high academic qualifications and scientific achievements to meet the aspirations of the nation and achieve the goals of its vision.

1. The Green Saudi Initiative

HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman the Crown Prince announced the “Green Saudi Arabia” initiative and the “Green Middle East” initiative, which will map the direction of the Kingdom and the region in protecting the earth and the prosperity of its natural environment. From this standpoint, Dallah Albaraka committed itself to contributing to this green movement by launching the “Green Saudi” initiative.

Initiative Objectives:

– Linking environmental ambitions and national passion through the color green, the color of pride as chosen by the Founder King Abdul Aziz to reflect the Saudi connection with serenity, peace, vitality, growth and prosperity, where green is the color of life, happiness and a bright future.
– Contribute to increasing the green area in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and other regions of the Kingdom.
– Contribute to environmental efforts and adopt a passion for afforestation of the homeland.
– An emotional patriotic dimension confirmed by the color of our green flag.


– The initiative will be launched this year from the Saudi capital, to contribute to various afforestation projects in the capital.
– It will continue for the coming years and will extend to the various regions and cities of the Kingdom.
– Dallah Albaraka launches, in conjunction with the initiative, a comprehensive campaign to raise the sense of patriotism and the symbolic link between the cultivation of the homeland and its love ingrained in the hearts of the citizens.