Dallah Albaraka is a socially-minded company invested in the growth and development of all that it touches. Inspired by the thoughts and spirit of the Group, Dallah Albaraka's CSR team drives sustainable social and development initiatives and projects that target different groups of society by instilling an entrepreneurial spirit and enhancing the individual's sense of social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the tributes of sustainable development, the partnership in economic and social development between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the private sector is to build a better future for generations to come.

CSR Programs & Projects

Dallah Academy for
Volunteer Work

The Academy is one of the important programs of the Social Responsibility Department of Dallah Albaraka Group.

It focuses on training and qualifying the Saudi youth to carry out voluntary works and implant the concept of true citizenship and community service. The Academy’s focus is to assist the Saudi youth in maintaining their Islamic and national identity and focusing their energies and time in invaluable voluntary works which will enhance loyalty to the community.

The program provides youth with skills that enable them to carry out worthwhile voluntary work through specialized training courses, seminars and lectures. Subsequently, the program provides volunteering opportunities through the Academy team and through partnerships with other organizations with similar concerns.

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National Day

Over the past few years, Dallah Albaraka has instilled its patriotic image by launching its national day campaign that symbolize loyalty & good citizenship.

Every year and as part of the nation-wide celebrations of the Saudi National Day, Dallah Albaraka impresses and sets new standards with its short films produced by renowned international directors and world-class production quality. The short films are supported by comprehensive campaigns utilizing offline and online media, in addition to prominent social media influencers to spread a warm feeling of loyalty and patriotism.
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Research Chairs

The Research Center for Islamic Economics at King Abdul Aziz University

Provides education about Islamic economy to support students of this field.

Saleh Kamel Center for Islamic Economics at Al-Azhar University

Established in Cairo, Egypt to promote knowledge about the Islamic economy, educate students and develop a comprehensive database.

Abdullah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization, Yale University

Brings prominent Muslim scholars to the Yale campus for public lectures, seminar discussions, visiting fellowships and visiting professorships.

The most authentic hadith chair of the Islamic University in Madinah

An academic initiative to fund and support research and provide certified research to all learners worldwide.


Science and Technology Center

Established in 1980s as the first non-profit center in Saudi Arabia to promote science & technology among the youth in a game-like way with many divisions including space technology, physics experiments, chemical properties, optical illusion, etc.

* This initiative is now ended…

Production Incubator

Production Incubator in Makkah

An initiative that qualifies and renders families in need through productive educating and training them on specific skills to become suppliers for specific industries.

* This initiative is now ended…