Investment for Development


Dallah Albaraka Group has a clear vision and a mission. We believe financial profit is essential, but our businesses can only be truly profitable if they have three important key factors. Most importantly, our investments must contribute to supporting the development of humanity. Secondly, we must always be adding value, and thirdly we must be advancing prosperous lives and communities through creating jobs. Only when these three components exist can a successful investment project be achieved.

Sheikh Saleh Kamel

Investment for Development

Guided by the enduring spirit and legacy of our late founder, we remain as committed to our purpose as ever, doing more, working harder and performing better for the investors, businesses and communities we serve.

It’s this pursuit that has driven Dallah Albaraka’s growth and transformation from a modest operator to multi-national investor, with a diverse group of companies collectively orientated toward long-term social and economic prosperity.

We believe in making impactful, productive investments that leverage potential, maximize opportunity, and ultimately create better lives and communities throughout Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and beyond.

Our Values

Our Presence

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the place Dallah Albaraka calls home, and we are forever committed to making positive, lasting contributions to the Nation’s continued development. We export this mindset wherever we work, striving for the betterment of people, businesses and communities.


We are an investment group with a proven track record of success in complex and challenging economies. We are a committed, highly effective partner for the region. Dallah Albaraka is the investment partner for those looking to tap into the possibilities held within Arabia and the broader region.


Dallah Albaraka Group recruits more than 60,000 employees worldwide, and its investments cover a wide range of economic and business activities in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. We focus in our business on the development of Muslim countries and societies. We can proudly say that we had a positive impact on the lives of most of the Muslim nations all over the world.

Board Members

Abdullah Saleh Kamel


“Dallah Albaraka is proud to be a Saudi company actively contributing to the nation’s vision while expanding our growth across the region through our core business values. Central to this, we continue our dedication to preserving the legacy and spirit of our late founder by investing in the ‘Development of Humanity’ as an integral part of our future outlook and success.”

Executive Team

We at Dallah Albaraka exist to make a lasting difference in the societies and communities we operates in. Our purpose is to ultimately empower and enable better lives for the people we serve.