• TRADE Dallah Albaraka plays a vital role in strengthening trade ties between the Middle East and the West.
  • REAL ESTATE Dallah Albaraka was a pioneer in introducing new real-estate product to the Middle Eastern markets
  • OPERATION AND SERVICES Dallah Albaraka is known for being the pioneer in introducing "service" as a sellable product
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES Dallah Albaraka Group has been specialized for providing Islamic financial services to the mass public around the world
  • MEDIA Was established more that 27 years ago, Dallah Media Production company was one of the first in this field in the region
  • TRANSPORTATION Dallah Albaraka is proud for providing transportation for pilgrims and visitors of the holy places in Makkah and Al-Madinah
  • HEALTH CARE Investments of Dallah Albaraka Group in health sector is rapidly growing and it will become one of the major healthcare providers in the region
  • DALLAH INVESTMENT The name of Dallah Albaraka is an asset by itself that adds value and confidence to any investment
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Welcome Message
“ Dallah Albaraka Group is one of the prominent business enterprises in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Visitors of this website will have a closer look at the Group’s business; achievements; and news. Browsing is made simple and clear for all visitors who have the chance to interact smoothly by giving feedback and suggestions to develop the website further.  ”
    14 October 2012
    "Saher" watching Al-Rahman buses
    16 January 2011
    Durrat Al-Riyadh offers commercial lands for multiple uses
    16 January 2011
    For His Significant Project in the Province : Saleh Kamel Wins 1st Makkah Award for Excellence
    16 January 2011
    In the Annual Meeting of the UAB A call for investing in the real economy & boosting inter- Arab Tra
    16 January 2011
    The Minister of Culture and Information Honors Iqra Channel
    16 January 2011
    Durrat-Al-Riyadh Launches Smart Villas
    16 January 2011
    Iqraa Satellite TV Channel Celebrates Tenth Anniversary
    16 January 2011
    Al-Rabie Saudi Foods Company Participates in "Drink Milk" Campaign
    16 January 2011
    Durrat-al-Riyadh Company Organizes an Exhibition
    16 January 2011
    Dallah Albaraka Celebrates Qualification of 220 Saudi Trainees
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